How to stop worrying so much.

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Confidence never was a strong suit of mine.

It wasn’t until the past year or so that I began working on my confidence. Having low self-esteem got to the point that it was interfering with my daily life and holding me back from my goals.

I knew something had to change.

Constantly worrying about how others viewed me and my abilities seriously got in the way of my productivity. My self-esteem took a deep plunge as I put more importance on how others thought about me rather than how I thought about myself.

Caring so much about pleasing others or…

How it helped to make me who I am.

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The young version of me would stare open mouthed if she heard me say that.

My parents always told me that I was meant to speak Hungarian, which is my dads native language. My ‘S’s and ‘Sh’s were switched, ‘Th’s flat and hard, ‘R’s near impossible. I took years of speech therapy until the lady practically threw her arms in the air to say, “it’s as good as it’s going to get.”

Funny enough, as soon as the speech therapy stopped, my pronunciations became better. The drawback was that it took me half way through middle school to get here.

Taking back control of your life.

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How many times have you heard the phrase, “If I were you, I wouldn’t…” How many times did you go along with it?

Many of us who are people pleasures seek the seal of approval on just about everything we do. This can range from picking an outfit for an event to life changing decisions.

As it could be guessed, relying on the approval of other people can easily hinder progress towards goals. Even from deciding what shirt to wear all the way to life changing decisions, like living in a van for a year, we are swayed by others.

When is it okay to criticize yourself?

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All of my articles have the same takeaway. My mission is to promote self-love, growth, and positivity. This may give the impression that I would never promote self-criticism.

But I do.

Self-criticism has a negative reputation to it. Simply put, this term means evaluating yourself. Often times it’s associated with a negative personality trait, or as being the trait, when it’s not.

As with any criticism, there’s a fine line on when it goes too far. While it’s human nature to find faults in ourselves, there are many situations where self-criticism is a no-go. Some of these include:

  1. Comparing yourself…

It’s part of the human experience.

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During times of uncertainty, people as a whole are consumed with the negative emotions of anxiety, doubt, and depression. Being stuck at home with nothing to focus on but our inner thoughts brings a lot of them to the surface.

In any normal situation, we’d be drowning our thoughts in distractions. Usually, Netflix serves to keep our minds busy, but now there’s nothing to watch because you’ve literally seen it all.

We are consumed with insecurity and nerves all too often. We try to push them down they return tenfold. It’s like an everlasting, painful cycle.

A cycle that we…

Our faults don’t define us, they design us.

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For nearly my entire life, my tongue sat awkwardly inside my small jaw. It made it so that I couldn’t correctly pronounce complex sounds. This led to incoherent babbling, which led to bullying and a ruined self esteem.

The hardest thing for me to do was make the ‘r’ sound, which I still struggle with to this day. However, if you were to listen to me speak, you would never guess that I consciously press the sides of my tongue to my teeth every time I need to make the sound.

It’s difficult, it’s annoying. And, sometimes, I make a…

Not all advice is the best advice.

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Along with life comes mounts of advice. Some good, some not, but all with good intentions.

However, there’s one statement that I keep coming across. It’s a rational tip aimed at unfounded young people. The kind of people with no experience, just out of high school or college.

It’s the one slice of advice that I will disagree with until the day I leave this earth. It gives the false impression that passions are simply side hobbies. Something you can’t bring to a work place if you want to succeed. …

Why you must love yourself before you change yourself.

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Hello, person on a journey. You’re here because either you accidentally clicked this article or because you want to be at ease with yourself. You’re tired of the way you feel inside, tired of the insecurity and lack of confidence. You want a change and you want it now.

It’s a long journey as anyone will tell you. It starts with a change of mindset and continues with bouts of doubt. I applaud you for seeking more than those false negative thoughts.

As someone still on the journey herself, mine specifically being weight loss, I know that it isn’t always…

Since Netflix can’t keep our attention long enough.

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If you told me just four months ago that I would be wishing — praying — for a reason to leave the house, I would think you were crazy. Me, an introvert, tired of being home?

Nah, you must not know me well enough.

But here I sit, and here we all sit, surrounded by electronics and tucked in our beds… wanting to go back to public. Yearning for the much needed conversation with a friend or even a stranger at this point. Who would have thought that we’d be dreaming of returning to our obligations? …

It has more to do with your inner self than you think.

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Everyone is creative, whether they consider themselves to be or not. We are constantly creating and bringing our ideas into existence. An artist might bring to life a beautiful landscape with breathtaking mountains and lakes. An engineer might be constructing the safe bridges we drive on with trust.

As a writer myself, I face what we call writers block. It’s the imaginary brick wall that keeps your thoughts from meeting your fingers. It’s the lack of inspiration that makes you feel run down and dry. …

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