How to stop worrying so much.

Confidence never was a strong suit of mine.

It wasn’t until the past year or so that I began working on my confidence. Having low self-esteem got to the point that it was interfering with my daily life and holding me back from my goals.

I knew something had to…

Our faults don’t define us, they design us.

For nearly my entire life, my tongue sat awkwardly inside my small jaw. It made it so that I couldn’t correctly pronounce complex sounds. This led to incoherent babbling, which led to bullying and a ruined self esteem.

The hardest thing for me to do was make the ‘r’ sound…

Not all advice is the best advice.

Along with life comes mounts of advice. Some good, some not, but all with good intentions.

However, there’s one statement that I keep coming across. It’s a rational tip aimed at unfounded young people. The kind of people with no experience, just out of high school or college.

It’s the…

Why you must love yourself before you change yourself.

Hello, person on a journey. You’re here because either you accidentally clicked this article or because you want to be at ease with yourself. You’re tired of the way you feel inside, tired of the insecurity and lack of confidence. You want a change and you want it now.


It has more to do with your inner self than you think.

Everyone is creative, whether they consider themselves to be or not. We are constantly creating and bringing our ideas into existence. An artist might bring to life a beautiful landscape with breathtaking mountains and lakes. An engineer might be constructing the safe bridges we drive on with trust.

As a…

Madison Dornai

Life Purpose & Spirituality Coach | Freelance Writer | Novelist & Poet | Artist | Goat Lover | Articles to Help Change Lives

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